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I continue to be impressed by and learn from Habib Chamoun-Nicolás’ insights into negotiation. He has creatively expanded core theoretical principles while also keeping his feet firmly on the ground. His ability to integrate theory and practice has made an important contribution to our field.

Michael Wheeler, Professor, Harvard Business School, Editor of the Negotiation Journal

Habib Chamoun’s presentation was excellent. The best I saw in this type of subject. Habib has used the most advanced and more powerful tool of teaching, in a superb way, with a lot of examples and metaphors. Congratulations.

Joao Palma, Managing Director Pinto e Palma, SROC-Auditors, Lisboa, Portugal

A unique and fantastic book. An excellent resource for all CEOs trying to orchestrate change throughout their organizations and improve corporate and even personal negotiations. I intend to share the book with my clients, associates, and staff, so that together we can gain better insight into different styles and have a better appreciation of the magnitude of effort required to lead the transformation process of negotiations.

Genival Francisco da Silva, President and CEO of Banco Ficsa SA, São Paulo, Brasil

If I had understood Dr. Chamoun’s negotiation strategies and use of Tradeables™ 25 years ago when I was negotiating international oil contracts, I would have made much better decisions and “Deals” for my company.

Larry Golden, Former President of Several Oil and Gas Companies

I consider myself a true believer of the sales and negotiation methodologies developed by Dr. Chamoun-Nicolás. After some training, now I am able to achieve better results with some simple steps – Learning how to plan ahead, how to prepare mind-set-maps to develop winner strategies, how to DEAL with difficult people, how to not accept a NO for an answer, how to close in one or two visits. This is something that it is applied successfully everyday at CAIC. His very particular way to present this new concept “Tradeables™” is the only way a true believer will do it: Teach what you think and believe what you teach. There are Tradeables™ in almost every negotiation…the better you use them, the better you’ll do. Think outside the process itself, identify the Tradeables™, and get the DEAL.

Marco A. Contreras, Marketing, Commercial Alliance Insurance Company